Privacy or security?

Snowden is not an accident nor should it be an incidence; he pushes Americans, and the world into thinking about our increasingly uneasy relationship with those in power. Where does the boundary of those with authority lie? It is a perennial question that generations have asked of themselves but not found a comfortable answer. Snowden is a patriot, and not a traitor. He is a hero of our age, who despite insurmountable consequences, has decided to tell the truth. How many of us ordinary people can do that even when the stakes are not as high as his? It is a compelling narrative because he was at the heart of the secret programs that the government was designing. We need more informers who dare to stand up against the tyrants, but the personal sacrifice is too colossal to justify.




Start writing, no matter what.

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Lucas Z.

Lucas Z.

Start writing, no matter what.

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