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It was the shortest haircut of my life; it lasted 2 minutes.

The hairstylist had to ask at least 5 times in 2 languages along with a dialect to confirm my decision. Clearly shaven? Bald? You sure? It means completely no hair, do you know? I was sure that was what I meant when I sat down. I did not have to instruct her on the specific style to cut this time. However, ironically, it is the time that needed the most instruction. Weird. Perhaps, it is weird for a young looking guy to want to go bald, for no obvious reasons such as serving for the army. But even during my army days, we could not shave completely. In fact, we were told not to do anything with our hair until enlistment day. Only then I discovered the difference between bald and the army-style haircut. It is not exactly bald. There is still a thin layer. I cannot explain fully why she was so surprised that I asked to be shaven bald completely. I did not ask. I just assumed it is an unusual request at the salon. Or simply unusual for someone my age.

Whatever the reason, I have decided to stop forgetting about how I feel about each year as I am growing older, by starting to write.

Writing is permanent. In the past, I might throw away my hand written diaries. Now, it is forever on the internet unless I choose to delete it. Even so, I can archive it before posting online. This permanent function of writing is why I decide to pursue it with boundless drive. It gives me a good enough reason to write. After all, if you ask me, what have I produced in the 28 years of my existence? I am at a loss for words. I do not know because I do not have. Did I really live if there is not evidence of it? Just like, did you really go to the holidays if you had not taken photos and posted on instagram and facebook? I cannot answer for that because I no longer use anything except twitter. What I know is that when I am 30, I want to remember what I have done up to that point and I must write in order to record every important thing in life.

Writing should empower the powerless.

Even if I do not achieve anything significant in life, I still have writing to prove that I have existed. Isn’t that worth more than anything? Humans have evolved millions of years not to be simply forgotten. At least, I do not want to be forgotten. And not by anyone else before by myself. I want to create a personal branding and leave a legacy.

What else do I want to achieve from writing? For one, I want to improve my ability in learning, critical thinking, analysis and communication. For another, I want to enjoy the sheer joy of writing. Whether it is a craft or art, writing should spark joy for both the writer and the reader. Also, if I can really equip myself with those abilities, I am indeed a very happy man. Even better, if my writing can influence others and improve the world. Who knows? Everyone has the potential to make a change.



Start writing, no matter what.

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